SILMO Next, towards a techno-responsible future of eyewear and optics.

SILMO Next was born from the ambition of SILMO Paris to invite the profession to project itself into the future, to help opticians to better understand and prepare their own future.

A laboratory of ideas, a space for multidisciplinary exchanges, a showcase for creation and innovation, the SILMO Next site is structured around 5 areas that project us into a techno-responsible future, emphasizing the double mutation that is taking place in our sector: on the one hand, the increasingly important weight of technology in the activity of brands and opticians, and on the other hand, the awareness of the need to act more responsibly on a daily basis.

Ecodesign, new materials, circular economy, connected products…: the Futurology space will examine the theme of techno-responsibility through the lens of foresight and innovations that will gradually shape the future of optics and eyewear.

True to its DNA, the Trends by SILMO will highlight 2020 trends and novelties, those that shape the immediate future and will also be the showcase for a sector that has already begun to deploy actions for a more committed long-term future, putting design at the service of our environment and our society.

A space for expression, free exchange and sharing of experiences that will enable all the players in the sector to create new synergies and compare their points of view on the future of their businesses, their products and their distribution in order to better understand this ambitious future that combines technicality and innovation with respect for our environment and people.

The reflection on CSR already underway at Silmo 2019 will be fueled by the results of a survey conducted among optical professionals, as well as their testimonials and their sharing of experiences. This content will form the basis of a common reflection and the co-construction of the CSR approach for the entire industry.

Full-fledged actors in the dynamics of innovation in optics, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Workers of France) make their entry on SILMO Next. Bearers of a unique heritage and know-how, they are well placed to give opticians the keys to their future development. The return to craftsmanship, proximity and authenticity is more than ever a response to new consumer behaviours and future challenges.

“We are doing everything possible to prepare a show at the cutting edge of innovation and inspiration to support eyewear and optics professionals in the evolution of their profession and their business; to celebrate the creativity, conviviality and expertise of the entire industry. Resolutely optimistic, committed and united, we are convinced that the future is at SILMO, that SILMO is the future! #FUTURISSILMO”

Éric Lenoir, Director of SILMO Paris