Smart glasses, connected glasses, retail of tomorrow… You will discover here all the latest innovations in optics and eyewear.


Lexilens, anti-dyslexia glasses

With Michael Kodochian (CEO & Founder)


Imagining the future of eyewear retail: welcome to Atelier Futurity

With Alireza Parandian (Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables)

To learn more about Materialise, you can visit their website or our Material library where they introduce their 3D printable bioplastic : PA11.


The future of retail and the value of fit

With George Thaw (CEO)


Autofocal eyewear

By Paul Marchal (CEO and Co-founder)


Smart glasses VS fashion eyewear, threats and possibilities on a new huge market

With Mikael Eriksson (CEO) and Sébastien Brusset (JAW Studio)


Laclarée, a new technology of adaptive glasses for presbyopia correction

With Jessica Jarosz (R&D Engineer) and Bruno Berge (Founder & CEO)

Fitting Box

Digitalization of frames to enhance the shopping experience

With Guido Cornettone (Vice President Marketing & Strategy) and Dominique Bazin (Vice Président Sales & Customer)


Julbo Evad1 connected eyewear: the synergy of know-how at the service of innovation

With Romain Simon (Product Communication Manager) and Flavien Saniard (Designer), Christophe Beaud (CEO), Eric Marcellin-Dibon (Microoled) and Piet Renson (Materialise)

Ellcie Healthy

Connected frames and smart frames: a world apart!

With Thierry Muela (Industrial director)