True to its DNA, Trends by Silmo will highlight the trends and novelties of 2020, those that shape the immediate future. Trends will also be the showcase of a sector that has already begun to deploy actions for a more committed long-term future, putting design at the service of our environment and society.
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The Talks of Dominique Cuvillier

Uses and Styles by Dominique Cuvillier

A talk on current eyewear trends.

The Green Vision by Dominique Cuvillier

A talk on ecology in the eyewear industry.

Forms & Colors

Back to basics

In an assumed search for simplicity, individuals seem to be going against what pre-existed in terms of complexity: giving meaning and cultivating a disposition to modesty are the new standard of consumption. Everywhere, the hunt for the superfluous and excesses is spreading. This is why the basic has been coming back in force for several months now.
In terms of eyewear design, all shapes obviously coexist, there are no pre-established patterns, but the design must reflect a blueprint with round and square glasses as the focal points. Geometries that announce a basic simplicity and reflect the idea of a certain timelessness.

This simplicity finds the same inspiration in the color scheme. The French Color Committee (CFC) predicts the search for new creative paths and questions our society: “How are color ranges formed and developed today? How does their development seek above all new processes that respect the environment? How do they reflect inventive social and ethical approaches, but also how to initiate a new innovation in the consumer society?” The color ranges are taking an even more societal turn by being part of values that seek a balance between reality and fantasy.


Neutral harmony

Intense blacks and refined greys let themselves be stimulated by the sparkles of an energizing yellow.

Natural harmony

Vegetable hues mingle with aquatic colors to illustrate a desire for naturalness.


Trends are set under the sign of creative vibrations in optimistic atmospheres charged with good vibes to awaken the eyes and stimulate the sight, vibes to be followed very closely around four interconnected axes: Green Vibe, Minimal Vibe, Cool Vibe and Funky Vibe.

Green Vibe

Sustainable development, ecology, societal responsibility… are the subjects of the time that are beginning to find an echo in the world of optics, with a focus on eco-design, natural materials, 3D printing, recycling, local production, etc… The new concept is based on the use of eco-design, natural materials, 3D printing, recycling, local production, etc.: tracks and openings to invite the industry to vibrate for the green attitude.

Minimal Vibe

Heir to modernism, minimalism goes back and forth regularly to (re)define a drawn-out aesthetic; while the new challenge is to produce less and better, the minimalist vibration is obvious. The lines are taut, the shapes lightened, the materials minimized to reveal eyewear with attractive simplicity.

Cool Vibe

Between sportswear and casualwear, between neo vintage and neo classic, eyewear has breath to stimulate the desire to run or walk in the cities, the important thing is to look good, the right look. Glasses adopt identity styles that are reassuring and easy to wear, without lacking fantasy.

Funky Vibe

In a society that doubts, nostalgia goes well with a nod to decades that are considered more futile and light, especially since memory is selective. Glasses are an accessory of singularity and personality enhancement that often looks back to the past. Unbridled creativity, unusual colors, inventive lines define a style that is not afraid to surprise.